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Updated: Mar 22


This morning I am tempted to journal my thoughts as I dwell on challenges in my life.

What is a challenge? How would you define it? Well, to me it is anything that road blocks, disrupts my world and forces me to give it attention if I want to move forward. Challenges appear in all shapes, sizes and forms. They are here to stay, changing form as time passes by. Challenges can force us to stop and reflect especially when it seems beyond our comprehension on how to deal with it. Yet we overcome it and move on over time. What once seemed impossible to resolve is most of the time overcome.

In my life I have experienced challenges and I continue to do so like everyone else in this world. Some challenges made me really question life and how it works. My curiosity on this, in search of answers as to "why is this happening?", "why can't I get what I want?"and so on led me to a reality that now explains it all.

Challenges do not occur to test us, make us stronger or to be a blessing. Challenges occur to awaken us to realities that we are unaware of. It either points us to the other side of events/ourself we are blind to or it balances out charges around us where we are too positively charged. This is its function. This is science.

No higher power is keeping track of how good or bad we have been. Instead, how we perceive things creates charges around us. So, no matter how hard I prayed to powers I believed in outside me, matters only got resolved in my life once I started to turn inwards and awaken to other sides of events/myself to balance out my thoughts on it rather than perceive it as good or bad . I labelled things as good or bad. And so events transpired to awaken me to realities that I was not wanting to face up to ie the universal law of synchronicity that shows at any given moment both positive and negative exists in equal amount. We just chose to see it as one or the other rather than see both sides. This opened my heart & mind to gratitude, love, inspiration, enthusiasm, certainty and presence. The 6 transcendental feelings of objectivity.

I searched for answers. And so the universe brought them to me in the form of wisdom that awakened me and empowers me. I overhauled how I perceive life. I awoke to this brand new reality about challenges and a brand new world. Now I go into each day with

wisdom that enables me to balance my perceptions to control what is happening to me.

My students are awakening too and I love that I can teach what I know to impact the lives of others immediately.

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