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10 September 2023

Self-improvement sounds like hard work. It

Self-improvement sounds like hard work. It is if you go about it minimizing yourself versus others in the world, feeling like something is missing in you. Nothing is missing. This is why taking a different perspective that empowers you to catapult yourself to new heights using who you are as is, is the wiser approach.

Wanting to be like others is good when it inspires us to do what we love and love what we do.

However, when we look at others, admire them and want to be them, we are running the risk of becoming somebody we are not. This will feel like hard work and can sometimes be futile. Being just as we are, accessing our unique powers to innovate, bringing out our genius is a far more inspiring and a refreshing approach.

Being an original, our unique self is more about living aligned to what we love to do for a greater probability of excelling. Our greatest wealth and power is in that area of life where we excel no matter what the challenge. It is not dependent on our social status in society. Even a beggar or a destitute person has an area of life that they are shining in as is. Same applies to a bully, a liar and all the other people we label as bad. Each person has an area of life they shine in. The area of life we shine in is the area where we have the greatest probability to awaken our innovative, creative genius to be of service and feel fulfilled. This is where sustainability of fulfilment is attained rather than feeling like we have to be somebody we inherently are not.

Embracing our uniqueness means a greater degree of being a leader by bringing to the world our brand of originality.

Embracing our uniqueness means a greater degree of being a leader by bringing to the world our brand of originality. When we use who we are as demonstrated by our behaviour, we begin to get onto the path of mastery of life to use our uniqueness as our inner power to excel. Self-improvement becomes less of a concern and challenges are overcome more easily resulting in us being of value to society because we took the time to value who we are. The feeling of being of value overpowers the behaviours within us that are counterproductive to our society and to ourselves.

Our uniqueness, when harnessed strategically, can be used to excel in any area of life. This is a skill not easily understood and is learnt.

Being original, embracing our uniqueness as demonstrated by our behaviour and using it to be of service to others breeds brands, influence and legacies. This is achieved without having to feel we need to improve or be someone better than who we are. When you are energized by what you do, you are engaged and it does not feel like hard work. You want to do it rather than have to do it. You excel.


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