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Grand Organised Design

9 August 2023

"Women's Day"

This morning I was inspired by a happy women's day watsapp message from my sister to write this story. Her message shared encouragement with the words " a gift from God" included in the message.

I have been wanting to express out feelings, wisdom, thoughts on my views on who controls our life for a while now and today I have found the courage to do so. Thank you Salome, your message has helped me to get the courage to take the opportunity of putting pen to paper to write this story. I dedicate it to you Salome :)

So much of what happens in our world we cannot explain. Bad happens to good people and good happens to bad people...this is how it is perceived. It is a never ending continuous cycle of so much we feel we cannot explain - "Divine intervention" as we call it. This used to be my perceptions....

When things go wrong I asked myself why would my creator do this to me? Of course, social indoctrinations have all the answers built by the masses over the years like "to make you stronger", "so you grow". But I was not happy to hear this. I wanted control. I wanted to be able to master life by controlling my destiny. So I persisted to seek wisdom and I found it...or rather, it found me? Anyway, I threw money at it, gave it alot of time & still do. I got to the bottom of alot of what I wanted answers to based on scientific facts rather than hearsay. I got the clarity on what I wanted to understand what is going on in this world we call life.

I learnt things that will take longer to inculcate into my daily actions as I have been brainwashed so much of my life by the masses rather than by the masters. But as I am determined to be a better me, I persist.

What I have learnt is that there are a multitude of universal laws at play that we live amidst daily. Many of these are not made aware to us by society because so few in society are aware of it. To exacerbate the situation, so few know how to live amidst these universal laws to thrive rather than survive amidst it. There in lies the piece of the puzzle I had been missing to gain control over my life & destiny with a clear strategy.

Having learnt the wisdom, I coincidentally (?) became a facilitator to teach the wisdom to my circle of family & friends.

So on Women's day I say there is no difference between a man and a woman in the mental form - we all have a mind. The difference is in the physical form that the mind has manifested it in.

The body as we know it is just a manifestation of the mind. The mind is the common denominator but reveals itself in the various physical forms of ourselves that reflect back at us. Seems a bit too much for you to comprehend this? I apologise. It is deep.

The mind controls the body and NOT the body controls the mind. Even top sports athletes achieve their physical form as a result of their mental strength, their mind mastery. The body is controlled by the mind.

I encourage men and women to rather see similarities in one another rather than differences. By judging looking at the physical form, you are being like the masses seeing differences. Judgement is one sided. Rather be objective and see the similarity of the mindsets balanced by the differences of the physical form.

The universal law of transparency & reflection teaches us that everything around us is reflecting who we are. This law prevails irrespective of what society wants to do to highlight differences. This law is at the mind level. The similarity is in the traits.

I recently watched the movie called Oppenheimer. It enlightened me all about the atomic bomb. Embedded in this movie I was able to distill some other information that physicists know - the universal law of transparency & reflection that exists. The physicists are independent thinkers proving truths that the world does not want to hear about. They mention this in the movie. The physicists know that all forms ie physical forms you can see and touch is matter intertwined by energy fields. At the minutest level, no physical form exists. Did you watch the movie? Did you get this message? And so the lead actor, a few times in the movie, visualised rooms full of people as empty rooms - they do not exist.

Going back to the watsapp message from Salome to me today, the grand organised design that we live in is seen by many to take different physical forms seen as creators of us. What is considered to be our creators in many cultures, religions, races and creeds are superconscious physical form beings that mastered their minds living amidst universal laws rather than living and seeing only physical forms. They transcended the illusion of the physical form from their daily existence in many ways.

I teach people all about the wisdom I have learnt from the world's leading authority on human behaviour, Dr John Demartini. I teach how to live amidst these universal laws at play to maximise thrival state of being rather than survival state of differences that separate us from the Divine whole, the oneness we are a part of.

Lots of love,


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