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Coaching for personal growth is my spirituality

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

6 March 2023

Liquid Gold

It was a gorgeous afternoon on Saturday, this weekend gone by, sitting on Table Mountain enjoying the afternoon sun and clean fresh air amidst the mountains.

My friends went off for an afternoon hike and a few were inside our cottage taking an afternoon nap after the morning trek to the top of Table Mountain. It was so peaceful, so still. I sat gazing at the absolute beauty around me. I felt it now, deep within me, I am living my dream. I am living life on my own terms with clarity on what I want out of this mortal life and what my daily mission is in each area of life. Just 2 days after my 3-year anniversary of having completed the Breakthrough experience, I marveled at how different my inner world is now.

I find by awakening others when I teach or coach people, I awaken myself.

I have deep “aha” moments after I speak this wisdom that awakens me to new understandings and realities transcending barriers limiting my thinking to the next illusion to transcend. Hence teaching and coaching is my spiritual mission. It manifests as my vocation with financial being the byproduct of my spiritual wealth.

Everything is all so intertwined. Nothing lives in isolation from one another.

Just to have such clarity on my spiritual mission was the biggest highlight of the week and now staying on top of Table Mountain felt like it was a worthy reward for all my work internally to arrive at this point.

We often look at the outer world of people and admire it. Seldom do we truly give credit to just how much effort the person made to get to live in the world they live in.

And then on Saturday evening we were blessed with a double surprise from the heavens above, a double rainbow! We were all so excited and took lots of pics to save the moment.

Blessed with a double surprise from the heavens above, a double rainbow

As we braaied we sat and gazed at the most gorgeous African sunset I have seen in the Cape. It was majestic.

Most gorgeous African sunset

And as if that was not enough, we saw the night light up with “liquid gold” as the lights of the city of Cape Town lit up. Oh my, what a sight.

Lights of the city of Cape Town

The next morning, we woke to rain and mist blocking out sight of everything around us. I loved it! It was like the mountain was playing hide and seek with us. I used to see Table Mountain covered in mist at times but now I was a part of the experience. The beauty of nature entertained me in abundance this weekend as part of a 3-year anniversary celebration and reward for work well done. What more could I want. I am grateful to live in South Africa. The challenges balance the support for equilibrium in our country and equanimity within.

Lots of love,


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