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Unlock Your Leadership Potential: The Power of Energy Transformation

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

29 April 2023

The waves are huge and consistent yet controls itself

My first visit to Hermanus and I am not disappointed. I am staying in an estate for the weekend in an apartment just behind a row of houses at the edge of the sea. The waves are huge and consistent yet controls itself to not cross over to the houses. Shew!

The power of nature is top of mind this morning. It is 7am and I am overlooking rough seas or playful seas – depending how I want to perceive it.

The energy of the ocean constantly transforms from rough to calm. Energy cannot be destroyed. Nature is that powerful.

Energy simply transforms to different forms.

Everything we see and touch is energy at a different level of density. Even when we die our body decomposes and transforms to the different gases that make us up to eventually disintegrate and appear to have disappeared yet it has simply transformed to another form.

Yesterday I woke up to the view of the majestic, stately Table Mountain. Today I woke up to powerful playful seas. Energy transformation. If you look deep enough, you see it.

So too when people come in and out of our lives, when people move away or closer to us, this is all part of energy transformation. The energy around us does not disappear. It reappears in a different form. The form is that which the universe brings to continue keeping us in balance, maintaining equilibrium. Energy can break down into smaller bits or build up to snowball to something massive. Again, all depends on what the universe sends our way based on our perceptions, to keep us in balance.

I live in Cape Town, far away from my immediate family, yet I am not alone here. I have a circle of familiarity that the energy is transforming to. The word “family” is derived from the word “familiarity”. When you breed familiarity with others, you are breeding family in a new form. Energy transforms. When I am around my immediate family, I am around blood family and when they are not around, I am around energy transformed to a new form of family.

This weekend my aunt Tanushiya and I are exploring Hermanus together. Whilst Tanushiya is blood family, she is familiar with me, and it is that familiarity that made us choose to spend quality time together versus other blood family we are not familiar with. When Tanushiya gets on the plane to go back to Johannesburg, the energy of her form will not leave me. Although it appears to be gone, it is still present in my world. It takes on a new form around me.

Family is always with us. The energy of family transforms into different forms, one to many, many to one and so on. How you perceive family can either box you in or liberate you to new levels of consciousness. Energy transformation is at the heart of familiarity and family building.

Seeing energy transform is an awakening. It is life changing. It catapults thoughts to transcend illusions that limit us. All it takes is to look deep enough to see the energy transformation. This is the power of nature. This is the world within which we exist.

Lots of love,


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