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In search of a quality lifestyle for well-being I have encountered many perspectives of people who have walked a similar path. What I discovered is that well-being is simpler than what we perceive.

Our thoughts are our creator of wins & struggles as we perceive it in our mind. Our thoughts are a distraction. It is not the true character of our mind. The mind is awareness that watches us as we go about our daily life filled with thoughts. Where these thoughts come from is debatable. Some will say it is our brain whilst others will say it is from the energy in the atmosphere around us and so on. Irrespective of where it comes from, it distracts us from our true essence of being. This true essence of being is where well-being resides.

To connect with our true essence, many around the world meditate by remaining still and reemoving all thinking in the moment. It is a liberating feeling to enjoy this freedom to just be but it is sad that when we stop the quiet meditation we have to be back in the struggles & wins of life. So the real question is - how do we remove distractions from our mind? How do we remove the thoughts? Of course, this might seem like some weird question. Yet, moment to moment we can start to remove distractions if we learn how to do so.

Tony Robbins said that it is the quality of questions we ask that determines the quality of life we live. By asking the right questions, we can stop the distractions bothering our mind incessantly at times and intermittently at other times. This is a skill not taught to us from childhood. I found it by co-incidence during my research. And even when I practise it, there are times when I do not practise it. There are times when there is so much going on in my world that applying it one area of life enables me to excel but I fail to apply it in another area of life. Often this is when I have too much on the go and putting too much pressure on myself. It takes time to build a habit. That should not stop us from persisting.

Rajes Govender is a Demartini Method® Facilitator and a Demartini Values Facilitator teaching the wisdom that has enabled her to help herself and others to start to persist in building new habits that increases connecting with our true essence of being for well being.

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