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The Undivided Self

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

18 July 2023

Shopping mall fun

Magical misty mountains with fynbos

Sometimes I am amazed by how different my thinking is now...When I see a person being really ugly towards me, I sigh and ask myself "why did I have to see my ugly side today?" It is difficult to revert back to the them versus me mindset at times when I am in a balanced frame of mind being more conscious of my existence. It is only me that exists and reflects back. How strange...yet the reality.

I find myself sometimes walking amongst people in a shopping mall and I don't see other people. Rather, I see other sides to me. Suddenly the whole experience shifts and I am just moving amidst the motion of other parts of me all around me. I enjoy doing this, especially in the shopping mall. Anything I like or dislike about the people, I find I spontaneously recall where I displayed the same. This exercise is a bit of fun, like a game I play. But most of all it is the reality of higher awareness. The them and others is non existent. All that exists is the in-div-idual. This means the undivided self. The personas we display and that which others display as a reflection of us is all one in the same in-div-idual.

I am reminded in my mind of the radio that plays sounds all day long. Inside the radio is no soul for the voices I hear. It is all electronics. But the electronics that transmits the voices is just a replica of what happens in nature. In fact electronics' genius is derived from nature's genius. It is replicating nature. And so I question the infamous soul in our body. Does it even exist? I feel it is more a state of consciousness, awareness vibrating at a level of interconnectedness with the higher intelligence in the atmosphere that "speaks" through us. We are all one. There are no them and me, no split parts.

The divine, the whole is the sum of the parts, the sum of good and bad in equal proportions is light. We shine our light when we live whatever we value, whatever we prioritise the most. When we have a cause, a purpose, a mission that speaks dearly to something that matters the most to us, we begin to get onto our spiritual path where we are most integrated in our thinking, navigating support and challenges to push forward to greater levels of awareness trans ending the illusions we call life.

Now I am left with the magnitude of challenge to expand my shopping mall fun tactics to the workplace, to more areas and spaces in my life till I simultaneously see in me what I see in others. Easier to remember this when I journal quietly at home in the evenings but I persist to try to master this to awaken to the realities of this world we call life.

Lots of love,


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