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The Power of Self-Development: How Looking Inward Can Help You Thrive in a World of Differences

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

18 March 2023

Continued flow of gorgeous scenery

My friends and I were at the main house on Honeywood farm in the Langeberg region, Western Cape. Three tables were joined together on the patio overlooking the Grootvadersbosch

nature reserve. Dinner was magical amidst a fiery red sunset.

The drive to Honeywood farm had us passing the gorgeous mountains, rivers and town of Swellendam. It was my first time driving through this beautiful part of the world. As we drove, we had a chat in the car about all sorts of interesting topics. When we got to the topic of the world economy, I mentioned that people who cannot control their emotions should not be responsible for money or run businesses. It was Warren Buffet who said this. As I stared at the continued flow of gorgeous scenery we were driving past, I mentioned that we have all the natural beauty of our land and our people amidst the challenge of the emotions around all we see as differences amongst us.

When we look at the external world, we see the differences but when we look at the inner world, we are all the same. The differences we see in our outer world breeds the emotions that divide us into the haves and have nots.

So how do we neutralize these emotions?

Look beyond the material things and look at the person behind the material things. Look at the traits the person displays and ask where you display the same trait. This is an interesting exercise that has been an eyeopener for me. If we can focus more on our similarities, we will realise we are essentially the same. Amidst the beauty of our country, the emotions create the struggle.

When we can balance our emotions, by the similarities rather than just differences, we get to the midpoint of neutrality that will enable us to manage the finances within our country effectively. Managing the finances is and never will be up to one or a handful of people. It will take everyone in the country to shift their thinking to the midpoint for proper management of South Africa’s finances.

My social mission is to build social cohesion in my country and the world.

I want to help us see more similarities amongst one another. I am starting within myself to see more similarities rather than differences with those I interact with. It is not easy, but I am 3 years into this practice and have balanced my thoughts on many people I resented or admired in the past. This approach is still a challenge as new differences emerge for me to own the traits on.

At first this is hard every time I try it but when alone, in my quiet time, I see the similarities and it quietens down the noise of the differences I initially saw. The universe with all its natural wonders keeps bringing to us that which we keep running away from. The more we own the traits of those we believe have more than us, the more we will start to see similarities that neutralizes the emotions around the differences we see.

Like everything in life, learning a new skill takes time. But the more we start to practice it starting with the people closest to us, the more we get closer to the mastery of this wisdom. This is awakening to a level of consciousness that shows the interconnectedness between the inner & outer worlds opening up the heart and mind.

Today I will be walking in a sacred, indigenous forest – Grootvadersbosch nature reserve, a world heritage site. I am looking forward to walking amongst giants, trees that have created a community of harmony amidst the disharmony of the fight to survive in such an ecosystem.

What is the wisdom contained in this forest that makes it so attractive

What is the wisdom contained in this forest that makes it so attractive that people from all over the world walks through it to take in its grandness? How do these organisms with all their different parts see the similarities to maintain the neutral energy leaving it balanced and emotionless?

I reflect on this. I reflect on this to own its traits. If I can see the magnificence, I manifested the magnificence. I have within me what I see it has. I will work now on owning its traits.

The seer, the seeing and the seen is the same. If you can see it, it is in you. Own the traits.- Dr John Demartini.

Lots of love,


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