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Updated: Apr 29

27 April 2024 - Freedom Day in South Africa

Freedom has long been one of the top 2 riches sought after by humans across all nations.

The other sought after riches has been immortality - a sense of longevity and living forever.

Freedom is all about being able to do what you want with your time. Money is an enabler of this freedom because having an abundance of money enables you to do as you wish with your time. So freedom is achieved with financial freedom. Financial freedom is where you earn money passively without having to actively work for it. This is why across centuries, in countries around the world, political parties rally up support from the poor in their masses to take on the financially richer people who are generally in their minority. They are trying to bring about equity of freedom by gaining financial freedom.

With money you elevate to a whole new level of empowerment. Money can buy pretty much anything you want. Whilst you may say it cannot buy you time, I beg to differ. Money from financial freedom (earning money passively without having to actively work for it) buys you time to use it as you wish.

So, coming back to the struggle fought in South Africa together with international support to free the poor people from the financially richer people, I say Thank You to all those who contributed to eradicating apartheid in South Africa. Your sacrifice enabled me to elevate my lifestyle and then go in search for a freedom beyond just having money and time. It made me search for meaningful use of my time to have purpose in my life for a deeper fulfilment than money or time could ever give me. In so doing, I have stood on the shoulders of great ones like Napoleon hill, Dale Carnegie, Einstein, Dr Demartini, Robin Sharma, Deepak Chopra, John Maxwell and and and...I have built on what you gave me. I went in search of freedom from the shackles of my own mindset that was holding me back from going to new heights.


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