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You are an original: From Becoming to Being
You are an original: From Becoming to Being

Full Day workshop


Location is TBD

You are an original: From Becoming to Being

This workshop is packed with insightful information and practical exercises to help you transcend anxieties to reveal the magnificence of who you are for well being.

Time & Location

Full Day workshop

Location is TBD

About the event

Loving ourself as is, is the first step to get present and clarify our path going forward.

Many people strive to become somebody before first acknowledging the magnificence of themself as is. Often, becoming somebody involves comparing ones self to others we admire and aspire to be like. When we acknowledge the magnificence of who we are as is, the world sends back to us this energy we put out to the world. As we appreciate who we are as is, the world gives back appreciation to us as is. It is this growing appreciation of ourself that breeds growing appreciation by others of us. Appreciating ourself as is means appreciating the positive and negative sides of ourself. This includes our weaknesses and our strengths. When we look at ourself objectively, appreciating that there are both of these sides to us, the world appreciates both these sides of us too. This is the magnificence of the universe that The Demartini Method®* is used to illustrate.

This workshop is created for all those wanting to transcend their anxieties from resentment of self/others dominating their thoughts to move to a state of well-being. Not appreciating others as is is a symptom of not appreciating yourself as is. The Demartini Method®* illustrates this with practical examples from our life that we will workshop to open our heart and mind to a greater awareness of who we are and who others are in relation to us. This is the transformative power of The Demartini Method®* Transcend resentment to move towards gratitude, love, inspiration, certainty, presence and enthusiasm. This reframes the mindset to a whole new awareness of your true essence to move forward with.  This gives us a clear competitive advantage for well being from those who do not have this awareness.

Using The Demartini Method®*, you will gain insights on the higher intelligence at play in the universe that empowers the minority that live within the universal laws at play. This workshop teaches one how many things that seem out of one's control in day to day life is within one's control. By completing The Demartini Method®*, understand how you are in control of what happens to you. Discover the hidden order that prevails in the universe we live in, that affects everything in our life, whether or not we are aware of it.


Overcome your anxieties around resentment with The Demartini Method®* 

Love yourself as is more - Stop trying to "fix" yourself

Embrace the villain in you just as equally as the hero in you

Learn to see others from a uniquely different perspective

Learn the formula to transcend resentment

Gain clarity on why being objective serves you more than only being positive

Uncover the path to fulfilment, well-being and your most inspired life

*The Demartini Method® Dr. John F. Demartini © 1989 Property of the Demartini Institute.

Rajes Govender © 2024 Property of FDVedanta

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