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Careless, Careful, Caring Relations
Careless, Careful, Caring Relations

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Careless, Careful, Caring Relations

All symptoms that go on in a relationship is a feedback mechanism to wake you up to arrive at a relationship with sustainable fair exchange. Every symptom is attempting to get the 2 of you in equity.

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Location is TBD

About the event

Any relationship not getting fair exchange implies the other person is  either going to keep their options open for a better match or go elsewhere. Every relationship in life follows this equity theory. 

This workshop will help you understand why the villain in you and the villain in others with careless communication arises in the first place. Understand what you do to trigger this in others and what others do to you to trigger this in you. Learn how to guard against falling into this trap and what to do once you have fallen into the trap of being careless in your communications.

You will learn how our natural behaviour is to protect what we prioritise when we feel it is challenged bringing out the inherent villain in us. If you cannot see what others are dedicated to in terms of their highest priorities and how it is helping you achieve your highest priorities, you will be challenged by them.

You will learn to stop  the expectation of you being the perfect person who is caring at all times. Such a person does not exist. Every person is at some point in their life caring at times, careful at times and careless at times with their communications with others. Learn the science behind this. 

Your top 3 highest priorities is where most of your behaviour is. If you live congruently with your highest priorities, your interpretation of others' highest priorities and your expectations of them become more realistic increasing the probability of caring relations. 

Altruisitic is when you listen and not talk

Narcissistic is when you talk down and not listen well. 

When equal, you will both have dialogue with one another. 

Monologue means nobody is listening. Alternating monologue is when you both are challenging one another's priorities.

This is an interactive workshop ideal for family members, couples, siblings, friends, team members, leaders & subordinates, peers, co-workers, sports teams, teachers & students or any other form of relationship. The workshop puts into perspective what each person's behaviour is demonstrating as their highest priority and helps you see how what others you interact with are dedicated to is serving you and vice versa. 

At the workshop practical empowerment tools are shared and applied by participants. 

The tools taught are universal to any sort of relationship.

The proven Demartini Value Determination & Application Processes™* are taught to understand relations in terms of caring, careful and careless relations. 

Key outcomes: 

Clarity on root cause of conflict in relationships

Understand triggers of caring, careful and careless communications

Learn why you are kind at times, cruel at times, nice at times and mean at times in your communications

Learn how to transform careless to caring relations or careful to caring relations. 

You will be empowered with tools to build caring, sustainable fair exchange relationships immediately and not someday. You will get clarity on when to go your separate ways immediately rather than someday.

Learn about the power structure dynamic in partnerships/couples that determines the probability of being able to build caring relations immediately or going your separate ways immediately to not waste time. 

Understand impact of cataclysmic events on relations

*The Demartini Value Determination & Application Processes™ – copyright Dr John Demartini –

Rajes Govender © 2024 Property of FDVedanta

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